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Coming in 2023

Less Fear More Fire

 A personal recollection of redemption.

The author details dark moments in her life, some lasting an instant, others lasting years.  A persistent darkness lingered from the generations before her. The issues that gripped Sarah's family greatly impacted her childhood and adult life. 

A relationship centered around abuse and control threatened every aspect of her life. As a child and an adult with experiences of domestic violence, Sarah Harbut gives a first person account of the pain caused by the people closest to us. She also disrupts the lies and stigma surrounding domestic violence, as readers are called to action, awareness and advocacy. 


Generational curses, childhood and adult illnesses, and career issues are various forms of fire and destruction discussed throughout the book. 


The power of hope, love and faith are illuminated throught this beautiful story, as Sarah realized who she was and who was fighting for her. 

Less Fear More Fire illustrates the power of faith. The message of God's ability to turn tragedy into triumph is present from beginning to end. 


Despite all the trauma and pain, this story contains a beautiful love story you will not want to miss. 


This story feels like a conversation, told with vivid recollections, pure emotion, and relatability.

A story that will inspire and empower others.

A recollection of God's love and how it changed everything.
A book that will set fire to lies, pain, adversity, trauma and destructive cycles.

A book that will empower others to move forward with more peace, more strength and more power.


Less Fear More Fire will be released in 2023

Less Fear More Fire