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Less Fear More Fire

A story of chaos and unforeseen circumstances, of childhood trauma and destructive cycles. A personal recollection of redemption.
Throughout the book, the author explains how she
overcame adversity and turned potential destruction into certain beauty.
The author tells of her experience of domestic violence, as a child and an adult. She also discusses common yet concerning situations such as health issues and the search for the perfect career. The story feels like a conversation, told with vivid recollections, pure emotion, and relatability.
Less Fear More Fire illuminates the power of faith. The message of God's ability to turn tragedy into triumph is present from beginning to end.
A story that will inspire and empower others.
A recollection of God's love.
A book that will set fire to lies, pain, adversity, trauma and destructive cycles.
A book that will empower others to move forward with more peace, more strength and more power.